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Payroll and HR online portal

Our payroll and HR outsourcing services are designed in a way that they can fully replace your internal payroll department, whilst providing high level of comfort and assurance for your employees and management. This service is aided by our payroll and HR online portal with self-service functionality reducing the burden on employees and management in fulfilling HR and payroll related tasks. The portal allows for secure data exchange, payslips distribution, onboarding and leave management or time and attendance functions. Our portal aims to offer managers and employees the freedom to handle numerous tasks on their own, without the need to ask for assistance from their HR team.

Simplify and automate

Rethink and improve your payroll and HR processes and tailor all workflows to your exact needs

Turn to paperless

Move the entire document management into cloud, access all data anytime and from any device

Interact virtually

Let employees and HR teams engage online and manage tasks with a self-service interface

The employee and HR self-service portal is an efficient automated processes with high transparency allowing personnel to access documents in a secure environment. Management have access to pre-agreed payroll calendars and customized real-time reports, easing the daily management and supervision.

Main functionalities covered by the payroll portal interface:

  • Payroll data exchange
  • Payslips distribution and archive
  • Payroll inquiry handling via online tickets or video calls
  • Payroll and HR reporting and full archive

Our portal also offers unlimited possibilities for HR module integrations, covering the areas of:

  • HR and personal files maintenance
  • Preparation of employment related legal documents
  • Yearly tax clearance management
  • Benefits administration
  • Business trips management and settlement of travel expenses
  • Time and attendance: management

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Managing Director | Accace Adept
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