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Accounting online portal

The combination of advanced technology and expert knowledge allows us to offer solutions designed to better manage your accounting and bookkeeping processes. All our solutions are designed to simplify, automate and streamline processes and workflows, reducing paper usage and eliminating errors. This allows for better control and increased workflow transparency, higher degree of collaboration all managed in a secure and user-friendly cloud environment.

Rethink your processes

Simplify, automate and streamline accounting processes across the whole organization

Become fully digital

Move the entire document management into cloud, be paperless and manage all tasks online anytime and from anywhere

Gain complete overview

Get a better control over all accounting operations and keep on top of all updates you need

By using our Accounting online portal we can cover:

  • All data accessible in cloud archive, via assigned roles and access rights
  • Effective and secure document exchange platform
  • Easy-to-track workflows and alert notification system
  • Document digitalisation: data extraction and validation via OCR system
  • More effective management of purchase invoices
  • Automated reconciliations and standardised control reporting
  • Real-time tracking of the financial status of your company
  • Connection to accounting software and ERP solutions

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Michelle Martin
Managing Director | Accace Adept
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