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International start-up accelerator

Nurturing start-ups and ideas into thriving businesses across Europe with AceOn

Originally established in 2019 as a non-profit program within our civic association, #accacelife, with the aim of supporting start-ups and businesses, our concept soon evolved into a comprehensive accelerator program. As of 2023, we are glad to announce our collaboration with a VC family office and other start-up enthusiasts, as well as outstanding speakers and mentors, to introduce a groundbreaking accelerator, AceOn. Divided into two rounds: a spring pre-accelerator and an autumn accelerator, our program is carefully designed to nurture start-ups and exceptional ideas throughout the year, offering specialized support and the potential for investment opportunities.

Actively engaged in supporting start-ups through accelerators since 2019

Engaged over 50 expert mentors and speakers

6 successfully completed accelerator programs to date – and still counting

Supported more than 100 start-ups from Slovakia, Czechia, the UK and Norway

As we move forward with AceOn, our mission continues with helping founders to realise their ambitions by providing them with opportunities to cultivate their businesses and foster entrepreneurial spirit. Additionally, we provide insights into valuable topics relevant to start-ups, such as fundraising, valuation, marketing, business development, founder vesting, utilizing design thinking – and more.

Programs for start-ups

Spring Accelerator

The spring round of the accelerator lasts approximately 2 months and is held online or in a hybrid format. It is designed for startups in the idea or pre-seed stage, seeking support in building their prototype or MVP (minimum viable product). Participants in the program receive free mentoring, workshops, and lectures from local and international experts in various fields, from business management and finance to marketing.

The program focuses on scalable tech startups with growth potential. It is open to around 20 startups, which will be divided into two groups based on their stage of development.

Autumn Accelerator

The autumn round of the accelerator lasts approximately 2 months and also takes place online or in a hybrid format. It is intended for early-stage startups with a prototype or initial customers but still pre-investment. This year, we have added a specialization – in addition to startups from various segments, we are looking for teams focused on developing and improving technologies and processes within companies, such as CRM and AI solutions, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and more.

Participants in the program will have access to education through lectures and workshops, as well as mentoring from local and international experts in marketing, business, law, finance, fundraising, and other fields.

Two startups with the most potential will have the opportunity to receive an investment of 40,000 EUR to kickstart their business.


Take part in personalised one-on-one mentoring, attend lectures, and participate in workshops covering various topics such as fundraising, business development and knowledge exchange, all at zero cost to your team.

Make valuable connections with in-house professionals, industry experts, fellow entrepreneurs and people keen on providing support. Network with other founders, build partnerships with strategic allies and mentors.

Gain expertise in crafting a business strategy and validating your business model. Present your concept to potential investors and receive feedback that helps to advance your plans.

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