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Payroll and HR outsourcing in South Africa

Continuous service delivery safeguarded by our online portal solutions

Companies across the world may have different cultures, goals and structures. The correct choice of an outsourcing partner can elevate payroll and HR towards a more strategic, high-quality function of the company. At Accace Adept we strive to achieve the highest expectations of your HR teams by taking full accountability whilst delivering an optimal employee experience and complete legislative compliance.

We cover over 50 jurisdictions globally

We provide services to more than 15,000 clients

We engage nearly 2,500 professionals

We are ISO and ISAE audited


  • Decreasing operational costs of internal payroll & HR staff and licences fees
  • Reduced internal effort on training and payroll processing
  • Minimise potential risks of non-compliance and avoidance of penalties that may result from complex, frequently changing legislation and statutory requirements
  • Permanent access to tax and legal support from our team of experts
  • Better planning and decision making with more accurate local and international management reporting


  • Utilising Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate repetitive processes in order to avoid human errors while essentially increasing accuracy and speed of payroll operations
  • Access to best-breed IT solutions and continuous innovation driven by latest technologies
  • Improved employee and HR teams experience via direct engagement with our Payroll and HR online portal


  • Implementation of standardised, streamlined and effective payroll processes with high level of automation across multiple entities and countries
  • Certified processes for business continuity, top-level security and data protection, service quality and environmental management according to ISO and ISAE standards across all locations

Our payroll and HR outsourcing in South Africa is designed to replicate the functions of your internal payroll department, ensuring your employees and management maintain the comfort of in-house support. Additionally, our Payroll and HR portal offers a convenient self-service feature, allowing employees to manage various tasks independently without needing HR assistance.

Employees can log in to the portal to access payslips, submit tickets to payroll accountants, fill in yearly tax clearance data, request time off, manage business travel, or settle travel expenses. Beyond document management and workflows, the portal includes various HR administration modules for HR teams.

Payroll portal interface

Payroll data exchange

Pay slips distribution and archive

Payroll inquiry handling

Payroll and HR reporting

HR module integrations

HR and personal files management

Yearly tax clearance management

Benefits administration

Business travel management

Time and attendance

Accace operates internationally as Accace Circle, a co-created business community of like-minded BPO providers and advisors who deliver outstanding services with elevated customer experience and erase the borders of service delivery. Covering over 50 jurisdictions with nearly 2,500 professionals, we support more than 15,000 customers, mostly mid-size and international Fortune 500 companies from various sectors, and process at least 200,000 pay slips globally. 

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