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Payroll and HR administration services

Choosing Accace Adept as your preferred partner for payroll and HR administration services can help you transform your payroll and HR functions towards a more strategic and high-quality function within the company.

Outsourcing can allow you to capitalise on automation possibilities, best-breed IT solutions and continuous innovation. Outsourcing brings about reduced risks and introduces value-add solutions that benefit not only your HR team but most importantly your employees. We aim to simplify the process for both employee and HR.

These benefits gain even more relevance when it comes to multi-country payroll administration. Our outsourced HR & payroll solutions aim to deliver:

  • Streamlined and effective payroll processes with a high level of automation
  • Standardized processes with accurate local and international reporting
  • Legislative compliance through system maintenance and local-specific customization
  • Business continuity, top-level security and data protection
  • Value-added, innovation-driven solutions for all users – HR teams and all employees

Payroll agenda processing

Payroll can be a high resource consuming function if managed internally resulting from demanding statutory requirements and stringent deadlines.

Shifting the responsibility to outsourcing is an advisable choice for most companies. Not only does it diminish the administrative burden, save time and resources, but most importantly it eliminates the potential risks of non-compliance and avoidance of penalties from local authorities.

Payroll outsourcing also guarantees the continuity of processes at all times and allows for the distribution of your employee’s salaries and payslips, correctly and on time.

Our payroll and HR administration services cover all these functions and tasks:

  • Data collection: Collation of all input data and pertinent information in order to process an accurate payroll calculation
  • Data control: Check, confirmation and validation of the data accuracy
  • Payroll calculation: Gross-to-net calculation of all employee deductions, taxes and net salaries in compliance with the statutory requirements; calculation of off-cycle payments
  • Benefits and bonuses administration: Calculation of benefits and bonuses based on provided schemes, such as medical or life insurance, pension plans, vacation time, sick leave and maternity leave
  • Payslips distribution: Generation of payslips, in hard-copy, password-protected PDF files distributed by email, or saved via online employee’s self-service portal
  • Payment administration: Preparation of payment orders and distribution of payments to employees and local authorities
  • Hotline support: Employee’s payroll inquiry handling by dedicated payroll consultant, including dealing with requests of employees such as issue of certificates or other payroll related documents
  • Data for accounting: Preparation of accounting notes for payroll in agreed structure
  • Statutory reporting: Regular payroll related statutory reporting and filings to local authorities, such as Tax Office, Labour Office, social and health insurance companies, statistics offices and other, including regular communication with these authorities
  • Management reporting: Regular standard reporting package in agreed scope as well as any other specific reports your management needs
  • Time and attendance: Cloud portal solution for employee’s time and attendance tracking

HR administration services

As part of our payroll and HR administration services, we also provide personnel file management, preparation of employment contracts and beyond. We also offer tailored HR consulting in order to ensure that all your statutory reporting and compliance requirements are met. Our payroll and HR administration services help you to manage the following tasks:

  • HR files administration: Organising and storing all employee personnel files in compliance with statutory requirements
  • Onboarding and offboarding of employees: Registration of new/exiting employees at local authorities, administrative support during the on-boarding process, preparation of employment related documents and other HR documents for new/exiting employees, and the provision of training as required (payroll process, T&A)
  • Employment documentation: Preparation of employment related documents, such as contracts, amendments, job descriptions and other templates
  • Audits and inspections: Representation in communication with authorities, support and guidance during audits and inspections, preparation of required supportive documentation, resolution of any disputes
  • Other consulting: Any other tax, health insurance and social security, labour-law or non-resident consulting
Payroll and HR online portal

Let your employees and HR teams engage online and manage tasks over a user-friendly self-service

Labour-law and employment support

As an integral part of our payroll and HR administration services, we provide comprehensive labour law support that will assist you in addressing the following matters related to employment relationships:

  • Design and implementation of internal HR processes, development of guidelines, policies and procedures, preparation of standard templates
  • Preparation of employment contractual documentation, such as contracts and amendments, job descriptions, termination agreements, liability for damage and material responsibility agreements and others
  • Resolution of various employment related matters, such as working time and shifts, employment termination including retrenchment, working conditions, annual leave, parental leave, health and safety at work, employee benefits and other areas
  • Consulting related to GDPR/POPI and personal data protection

Expert payroll and HR administration services in South Africa – and globally

Operating in over 50 locations, we deliver seamless payroll and HR administration services in South Africa and worldwide. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and extensive expertise, our local experts ensure comprehensive compliance and stringent data security. Our services guarantee precision and efficiency, tailored to regional needs, with a single point of contact for smooth process management. Processing over 200,000 payslips globally, we offer extensive experience and innovative solutions. Contact us today to explore how we can support your global payroll and HR administration needs.

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